Chatham County Divorce

Chatham County Divorce

Chatham County Uncontested Divorce is our practice focus with same day appointments and free consultations.  Uncontested divorce  it is the most peaceful, affordable and civil way to handle a divorce case and is what we devote our entire Savannah practice to.  Our uncontested divorces fees typically run a few hundred dollars compared to tens of thousands of dollars for most contested divorce cases.

Chatham is the most populous Georgia county outside the Atlanta metropolitan area.  Chatham County is one of three counties that make up the Savannah Metropolitan Statistical Area which also includes Bryan and Effingham counties.  Chatham County’s total population was 265,128 during the 2010 census.  Chatham’s most populus cities include Garden City, Pooler, and of course Savannah.

Same day divorce lawyer consultations serving all of Chatham County

Divorces in Chatham county are handled by the Chatham County Superior Courthouse and are overseen by one of the Superior Court Judges overseeing the Judicial Circuit.

Please call us today to talk to an attorney if you believe an uncontested divorce might be right for you.  Savannah Uncontested Divorce at (912) 335-3030.