Shocking Revelation: Dr. Phil Says There IS Life After Divorce

Divorce can be a traumatic experience for even the most well grounded individuals.  Dr. Phil the famous television host/psychologist points out in this well-rounded post that even though divorce can be difficult it can also offer both spouses the opportunity for a new, more well-balanced life.  See Dr. Phil’s enlightening article here.

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Film Revew: “Divorce Corp.”

The new film “Divorce Corp.” points out the fighting, the stress, the lengthy litigation process, of what has become a $50 billion a year industry…Contested Divorce. Who wants to be a part of that?

In Justin Chang’s review of the movie for (here), he points out that not only are contested divorces stressful, but they can be very expensive.

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How Do Divorce Attorneys Handle Their Own Divorces?

What is the one approach experienced divorce attorneys use most often in their own divorces?

They stay out of court! There is a great article by J. Richard Kulerski and Kari Cornelison in the Huffington Post on how divorce attorneys manage their own divorces.

The article points out that experienced professional divorce attorneys, more than anyone else, file “uncontested” divorces, which fortunately, is our specialty here at Savannah Uncontested divorce.

The authors go on to state  that divorce attorneys more than anyone “know there are no winners in a divorce battle.”

The full article is posted at the Huffington Post. Click here for the link.

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Lifetime Alimony – Going Away?

Florida recently became one of the first states to propose a law to forever end the possibility of lifetime alimony.  The proposed legislation would put an end to lifetime payments and could be retroactive to existing alimony settlements!  The article posted by the SunSentinal can be found here.

Kardashian Divorce

When you are thinking about uncontested divorce it’s important to remember how much emotional drama and financial turmoil a contested divorce can create.  Consider Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries short marriage and long divorce as an example.

Their marriage lasted only a short 72 days but they fought out the divorce proceedings for a total of 536 days (See the link about their contested divorce battle at TMZ).   Their case is a great example of the incredible frustration, cost and turmoil couples often face when they are unable to work together through an uncontested divorce process.

In their case, the contested divorce battle lasted seven and a half times longer than the marriage and (I can assure you) the cost must have been unimaginable.  Anytime you can work together with your spouse to end the relationship you are almost always assured the end result will be more amicable, drastically less expensive and you will always have more control over the result!  Just a few facts to consider.